Smart connected car system with seamless experience


To achieve a seamless driving experience, the smart cockpit focuses on users needs and with equal emphasis on software and hardware, integrates in-vehicle electronics, cluster and infotainment system and connects with multiple screens and various smart mobile devices. Using the AI ​engine and deep learning, services are proactively recommended and the driving is monitored for safety. Third-party contents and applications are integrated and the overall user experience is continuously updated. Leveraging various technical capabilities and over 10 years of smart terminal development experiences, the smart cockpit seeks to enable a consistent, personalized and seamless connected car experience.

In-vehicle multi-screen interaction and content service sharing

Phone/car connectivity with seamless service transitioning

Proactive and contextual recommendation with AI prediction and service integration

Driving behavior monitoring and safety rating based on deep learning

Service ecosystem with a framework to support Third-party contents and applications

User experience continuously updated to address user needs

Core Competence

User experience innovative design

Adaptive smart context-aware engine

Active and reactive natural semantic voice assistant

Cutting-edge AI image recognition technology

Multi-screen interactive and sharing capability

Seamless phone and car connectivity experience

Business Scope

Automotive hardware design

Infotainment operating system integration and fine-tuning

Rear seat tablet design

UI/UX branding customization

Infotainment apps design and development

AI algorithm development


    Seamless Smart Cockpit System Solutions

  • Infotainment Solution: Basic single-screen solution, equipped with a multi-function central head unit.
  • Advanced Smart Cockpit Solution: Advanced three-screen solution, equipped with a digital instrument panel, a central screen and a passenger screen, supporting multi-function infotainment, multi-screen sharing and passenger entertainment system.
  • Premium Smart Cockpit Solution: A complete eight-screen solution, providing digital instrument panel, one central screen, one passenger screen, in-car digital rearview mirror, left and right digital side mirrors and dual rear seat screens, supporting multi-function infotainment, front and rear seats multi-screen sharing, passenger entertainment system, and interactive games on the rear seat screen.
  • Rear Seat Tablet Solution: Provide content service customization such as car control applications, multimedia playback, navigation assistance, and remote control.
  • Smart T-Box Solution: The exterior design adopts a miniaturized antenna and integrates a new generation of 5G communication module, which is suitable for various types of vehicles.

    Software Platform Solutions

  • Seamless UI Software Platform: Combining vehicle applications, cloud platforms, and infotainment systems, it provides navigation, voice assistant, online multimedia, mobile connection, smart IoT, e-shop, and APP store, as well as connected services such as smart reminders, active information push, account data synchronization and social interaction.

    DMS Solutions

  • Facial recognition: Log in to the infotainment system through facial recognition after entering the car.
  • Driving fatigue monitoring: Real-time analyze the frequency of eye-closed and yawn, and provide timely safety recommendations.
  • Distracted driving behavior detection: Real-time analysis of distracted behaviors such as turning heads, smoking, drinking, and making phone calls, and reminding drivers to focus on driving and pay attention to safety.

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