Combining AI with software to provide driving with a more personalized and intelligent ride experience


MobileDrive expert in Perception AI technology, augmented reality core service, AR navigation provides a more accurate, intuitive and interactive navigation experience during the journey.

In addition, AR navigation system can offer a personalized navigation experience, such as restaurants recommendation, POI and other information surround by, or recommending different routes and transportation methods based on the user's interests and preferences.

Core Competence

AR 3D Scene Generator

Navigation Map to Camera Alignment

3D Object Prediction

Multiple Sensor Fusion

Dynamic Warped Image Support

Perception AI Engine

Vision Enhanced Vehicle Localization

Lane Detection & Tracking

Rich Object Detection & Tracking

Requiring SD Map only

Interior Monitoring



Face ID

Business Scope

Blind Spot Detection

Forward Collision Warning

Lane Departure Warning

3D Navigation Indicator

Drowsiness & Distraction

Dangerous Behaviors

Child & Pet Detection

Face Recognition


    AR Navigation Total Solution

  • Perception AI Engine
  • AR 3D Scene Generator

    Interior Monitoring

  • Drowsiness & Distraction
  • Dangerous Behaviors
  • Child and Pet

    Personalized Services

  • Face Recognition
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Human Attribute
  • Face Emotions

Target Customers