About MobileDrive

Established in 2019, Mobile Drive Technology Co., Ltd (MobileDrive) originated from the automotive division of FIH Mobile (a subsidiary of Hon Hai Technology Group(Foxconn)), focuses on the research and development of in-vehicle solution and connected car services. On December 31, 2021, MobileDrive becomes a 50-50 joint venture of FIH Mobile and Stellantis, to develop infotainment, telematics and cloud service platform, together with ancillary hardware and software. MobileDrive’s headquarter is in the Netherlands, with offices in Taiwan and Mainland China.

This innovative joint venture position MobileDrive at the forefront of global efforts to deliver a new frontier of in-cabin information and entertainment capabilities as it combines FIH Mobile’s extensive knowledge of software/hardware integration experience and ICT expertise with Stellantis’ global vehicle design and engineering expertise. At current stage, MobileDrive concentrates on the development of three core products, including Smart Cockpit, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Connected Services, and will continue to expand the product portfolio, committing to turn vehicle into more personalized and intelligent device.

Inheriting the spirit of Foxconn and Stellantis, MobileDrive dedicates to pursue product progress and perfection. As software-defined vehicles (SDV) being the new paradigm in the automotive industry, MobileDrive continues to make the best use of cutting-edge AI technologies in the next generation of vehicles, based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), aiming to satisfy user needs in diverse scenarios and enable more intuitive, seamless in-vehicle user experience. Furthermore, MobileDrive has been awarded ASIL-D, the highest level of ISO 26262 for automotive functional safety, and will strictly follow the functional safety process to improve the driving safety of vehicles on the road.

Smart Cockpit

Focusing on user needs to develop seamless connected car experience.


Provide customers with safety-first and people-centered ADAS solution.

Connected Services

Continuously updating the connected car service ecosystem to provide the best smart mobility solutions.