Data-driven connected car service ecosystem


By integrating connected cars with the Internet service ecosystem, continuously update to provide customers the best smart mobility solutions. Use a comprehensive cloud system to operate application store, theme store, e-commerce store, advertising platform and other services. Through the accumulation and analysis of big data, integrate user preferences to create comfortable and convenient smart mobility experiences.

Based on the development experience of smart terminals, create a human and machine interactive connected car service ecosystem.

Internet service platform serving tens of millions of users already developed; continuous operation to generate recurring revenue.

Big Data-driven precise service recommendation and customized service with users at the center.

Core Competence

Connected car service ecosystem integration

Hybrid cloud ecosystem deployment

Personalized content recommendation platform

Connected car big data analysis

OTA upgrade

Business Scope

Business Scope: Provide the best smart mobility solutions through the integration and continuous updates of the connected car service ecosystem.

Connected car ecosystem planning and development

Hybrid cloud structure planning and deployment

Cloud system design and development

Data analysis model building and integration

OTA solution planning and development


    Connected car service platform

  • Vehicle services: location monitoring, security report, theme service and OTA upgrade.
  • Value-added services: application store, in-vehicle mall, member community and referral services.
  • Big data services: collect real-time data and driving behavior for UBI insurance and smart recommendation.

    Connected car service platform deployment and operation solution

  • Platform deployment: support hybrid cloud structure and global deployment.
  • Operation model: dedicated professional team management with optimal performance.

    OTA solution

  • Flexible deployment: the software module responsible for handling the OTA process is highly portable and can be configured on T-Box, IVI, SGW or any OTA ECU according to customer needs.
  • ECU update: ECU supports different update methods according to its memory size and network connection type.
  • Support differential update: cloud-based differential packets generation, to be applied on the vehicle side.
  • Comprehensive security mechanism: secure communication, package signing, secure boot, data encryption/decryption, and advanced security upgrade framework (Uptane).

Target Customers