Meet Dr. Winston Hsu, Chief Technology Officer of MobileDrive

MobileDrive, a subsidiary of FIH Mobile and a member of Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), today (Dec. 7th) announced Dr. Winston Hsu, a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in National Taiwan University and also the founder of NVIDIA AI Lab project, as Chief Technology Officer. MobileDrive has achieved great progress on in-vehicle infotainment system and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in recent years, and will integrate Hsu’s expertise in AI field to disrupt the traditional automotive industry.

The global automotive industry is at a turning point in the transition to self-driving and electrification. With the upgrade of Electronic/Electrical (E/E) Architecture, the cost ratio of automotive electronic components and control units (ECUs) is expected to increase significantly to 40-50% against the entire vehicle in 2025, indicating that traditional vehicle manufacturer is now facing challenges of digitalization and AI transformation. In the upcoming "Software-Defined" era, “Hardware-Software integration” and “AI technology” will be the key differentiator of electric vehicles. MobileDrive will combine cutting-edge AI technologies and 15 years of software/hardware integration experience, to provide customers with high-safety, high-quality, and high-performance in-vehicle solutions.

Dr. Hsu, during his tenure as a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in National Taiwan University, founded NVIDIA AI Lab (NTU), the first in Asia among 20 establishments across the world, and has in-depth collaborations with AI industry leaders. With the specialization in large-scale image/video retrieval/mining, visual recognition, and machine intelligence, and over 10 years of academic and industrial experience, Dr. Hsu’s team has not only developed world-class face recognition and 3D computer vision technology, but also enabled world’s first Explainable AI (XAI) for numerous advanced applications.

In fact, FIH Mobile has started in-depth academia-industry collaboration with Dr. Hsu’s team since 2018, implementing advanced 3D computer vision technology to enhance the perception ability of autonomous vehicle. With his abundant experience in AI technology, MobileDrive could speed up the innovation in its vital products, which are Smart Cockpit, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Connected Services.

Dr. Hsu stated that, “MobileDrive will concentrate on three core developments, including Integration of AI and Software, Scalability, and Ecosystem, to accelerate automakers’ digitalization and AI transformation.” He further explained, "MobileDrive will leverage FIH Mobile’s rich experience in ICT industry to continue to develop its software with cutting-edge AI technology in automotive industry. Meanwhile, MobileDrive will build an ecosystem, benefiting automaker, brand company, repair shops, and individuals, through AI and IoT.” MobileDrive aims at empowering the automotive industry with AI and digitalization, and turns vehicle into more personalized and intelligent device.

About MobileDrive

MobileDrive, a subsidiary of FIH Mobile and a member of Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), focuses on in-vehicle infotainment system and ADAS technology. MobileDrive specializes in the research, development, and marketing of in-vehicle solution and connected vehicle service. Smart Cockpit – an integration of proactive services and cutting-edge AI algorithms with in-vehicle electronics, a smart dashboard, and an intelligent infotainment system that offers seamless users experience. With over 15 years of diverse product development, software/hardware integration experience and over a hundred on-site ISO 26262-trained professionals, MobileDrive is fully committed to provide disruptive products for automotive industry. The company also aims to cultivate key technical professionals that will drive automotive innovation and development in the future.

MobileDrive Offical Website: https://www.mobiledrivetech.com