MobileDrive Chief Technology Officer Winston Hsu Attended the Digital Transformation and EV Software Development Forum

▲ At the 2021 Hon Hai Tech Day (HHTD21), Winston Hsu, CTO of MobileDrive, pointed out that the current three core products of MobileDrive are Connected Services, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Smart Cockpit.

Foxconn Group held 2021 Hon Hai Tech Day on October 18th. In addition to displaying three new electric vehicles, it also held a forum on digital transformation and electric vehicle software development in the afternoon. The forum invited AutoCore.ai founders Zhang Yang, Tier IV founder and chief technology officer Shinpei Kato and the chief technology officer of MobileDrive, Winston Hsu. They shared the future vehicle software plans of Foxconn and its strategic partners to the world, including platform, data, algorithms and applications.

Winston Hsu, a professor at National Taiwan University who currently serves as the Chief Technical Officer of MobileDrive, said that the core products of MobileDrive are Connected Services, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Smart Cockpit. MobileDrive provides seven cloud services through Connected Services, including vehicle service, OTA, app store, content recommendation, advertising, e-commerce, and community platform. MobileDrive aims to leverage ADAS technology to make the driver safer and feel more comfortable. All these features are aggregated in the smart cockpit to provide personalized and smart services.

On the design of smart cockpit, Winston Hsu shared the multi-screen network connected smart cockpit with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) integrated and how to use AI technology to combine intelligent perception and control to create a new cockpit experience with safe driving. Winston pointed out the need for the personalized experience in the cockpit is completely different from the smart phone. Smart cockpit needs to understand who are using, how they are using and under what conditions, so the recognition accuracy is very important.

As an example, with AI-enabled OMS and DMS, all core technologies that require top accuracy and high stability are implemented, but during this huge computing process, how best to reduce the computing impact and the power consumption while enabling “Explainable Face Recognition” AI technology that ensures user privacy and reassures partners. Our ultimate goal is to create the best personalized experience with hardware, software and integrated services.

With advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), "higher level of safety" is the core motivation for Mobile Drive because 94% of traffic accidents are caused by human errors. So far MobileDrive has achieved Level 2.5 of assisted driving and will go further to Level 2.9 which includes driver monitoring, distraction warning, automatic lane change, predictive cornering speed adaption, etc.

Winston noted that electrification and AI development are challenging topics for all car manufacturers. The current strategy of MobileDrive is to expand “AI + software” to different applications, vehicles, brands, and cloud + edge. At this transformative time, MobileDrive seeks to empower the automotive industry with AI and digitization and develop brand new business models.

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